Electrical Estimator

London, SW19

Who are we?

We’re Rapid Tender, a software company specialising in highly innovative construction industry estimating and tendering software.

Our flagship product, Countfire, has gained a fantastic reputation across the globe as an essential tool in the electrical estimating process and is the gold standard of automatic take-off software.

What kind of person are we looking for?

Someone with electrical estimating experience, but who can't see themselves doing it forever. Or, maybe you've always been interested in software / computers / the tech industry and want to tap into everything this incredible industry offers.

A self-starter, with great verbal and written communication skills, and able to work within a dynamic and fast paced “start-up” environment.

You'll be comfortable bringing new ideas to the table and able to prioritise and execute your workload without needing to be managed.

What is the purpose of the role?

We're looking for a junior / intermediate electrical estimator to fill a unique and crucial "Estimator Success" role within our team.

The first 2 weeks of a new user’s experience with us is vital. They need to see positive results and reach an “a-ha moment”, where it all clicks for them and they see the real life benefits they’ll experience by adopting Countfire fully into their current process.

The role also involves ensuring existing users remain successful with Countfire through any internal changes they have.

Why Estimator Success?

Being a SaaS (software as a service) business means that signing up a new user is just the start of our relationship with them. It’s up to us to prove the value of our products to them as estimators, and also their business.

Our growth is reliant on building a solid base of customers who regularly use our products and have adopted our software to the point that it’s essential to the success of their business.

With that in mind, ensuring the estimators who use our products know how to use them properly, get significant value from them and are ultimately more successful in their own roles by doing so, is vital to our success as a business.

How will I ensure estimators are successful?

  • By supporting and advising them on the correct usage of Countfire, as they complete their projects.
  • By utilising internal tools we’ve built to help nurture new users, and by having regular interactions with them through a number of available touch points and channels.
  • By proactively ensuring users are on the right track, and providing preemptive support to help them correct mistakes.
  • By conducting periodic catch up calls with users to review their accounts.
  • By maintaining ongoing dialogue with users regarding feature requests and the feedback they have on their experience with Countfire.
  • By utilising your estimating and industry knowledge to develop and improve on our existing systems for ensuring users are successful.

What's in it for me?

The potential for you to develop here is huge—especially as we grow:

  • Industry change—You’ll be able to help solve real, interesting and exciting problems within the tech industry.
  • Industry improvement—You’ll be in a position to change both the construction industry and how estimating itself is done via our existing and future product suite.
  • Increased pace of learning—You’ll benefit from a significant increase in the pace of learning. There are opportunities to work on problems across the business. You’ll learn something new every day and build an extremely valuable and future proof skill set.
  • Product development—You’ll learn how software products are developed and taken to market. Your estimating knowledge and industry experience will be essential to the development process for our products.
  • Ground floor of tech company—As our 7th team member, you’ll be getting in on the ground floor of a growing tech company with a worldwide customer base and significant opportunities in the market. With your estimating experience, you’ll also be able to influence the design and implementation of Countfire’s products, and see first hand how product ideas and decisions change and improve our customer’s work lives.
"The product saves time, money and resources. Countfire staff are always there 24/7. Great company with a great product."
Carl Smith, Designer Group