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Fullstack developer

Founded in 2012, Countfire is on a mission to revolutionise the way electrical estimating is carried out.

Through the development of our flagship takeoff product we have grown a loyal customer base and developed a fantastic reputation across the globe, but we’re far from done.

Our quest continues to create a single unified platform that estimators can’t live without and we can only do that with the right team.

About the team

Although Countfire is an established product we have the hunger and attitude of a young company - the best of both worlds and perfect if you’re looking for somewhere you can make a real impact.

The team comes from a mix of backgrounds. From ex-estimators with a wealth of industry knowledge, to developers and marketers with no estimating experience. But everyone has a lot to offer and are full of ideas and enthusiasm.

We work hard to ‘work smarter’ using new technology tools to increase efficiency across the company, but we appreciate that not everything is in place or is perfect so our team needs to be prepared (and excited!) for change.

Countfire team

What kind of person are we looking for?

We're looking for a fullstack developer to join us on our quest to make the world's most loved construction software. We're privileged that our flagship product is considered best-in-class and our customers are looking to us for more tools to make their lives easier.

We know the domain well and are just about to go to market with the next tool they're crying out for as we move towards our vision of creating the world's best electrical estimating platform. Customers have already given us a wealth of feedback and ideas that we can turn into features… which is where you come in! The code is still in its infancy but has already developed into something we're really proud of. Hasura provides a GraphQL interface over Postgres, while on the frontend we're supporting a collaborative interface by using GraphQL subscriptions, MobX and React.

We pride ourselves on the way our software delights our customers and, in our quest to build great user interfaces, we like to experiment with new ideas rather than looking to how other people do it.

You won't be shy about voicing ideas that might be a little out of left field. Equally, you won't be precious about leaving them on the cutting room floor if they don't work out. Like us, you'll be curious about how things work, and when they don't work as expected, you'll be quick to peek under the hood to better understand what's going on.

  • Minimum 2 years proven development experience
  • Experience working within smaller independent companies desirable
  • A degree in computer science would be a bonus, though not essential

What will the role involve?

What’s our tech stack?


Like most organisations, we use a variety of technologies to build our products. Our flagship product uses our own image recognition algorithm to instantly find things in the digital soup that is construction industry PDFs. It's built with Python (numpy), Postgres and Angular and has interesting backend scaling challenges due to the large amount of data we need on every request.

For our most recent architecture, we've adopted a slightly different tech stack to simplify the backend and allow for better real-time syncing. Hasura gives us a GraphQL subscription layer over Postgres, which is transformed to MobX objects for the frontend. Around that, we've built a frontend library that allows for transactions and optimistic updates in an activerecord style for a really nice developer experience.

When we sit down to code, some of us old die-hards still cling to vim, while most others have adopted the warm embrace of VSCode. Whatever your preference, you'll be provided with the tools you most like to work with (new Macbook, display etc).

We're going through a really interesting time right now where we have a product that's considered best in class and our customers are crying out for us to provide them with more tools to make their lives easier. Our focus is now squarely on getting that next product into the wild so we can start iterating on it to delight our customers all over again.

Recruitment process


Since Covid-19 we have moved from our Wimbledon office to fully remote working and so welcome applicants from around the UK.

Why Countfire

What you’ll get with us

Remote-first, flexible working

Due to COVID-19, we have shifted to a remote-first policy and while we have standard working hours, we're happy to talk flexible working.

Paid sabbaticals

On top of your 25 days holiday (plus your birthday) we also offer a month's paid sabbatical for every three years you’re with the company.

Training and development

It’s essential that our team keeps learning so we encourage training courses that will benefit you and the company.

Top spec equipment

From the latest macs to office chairs, no matter where you’re working we’ll make sure you have the right equipment to work efficiently and comfortably.

Countfire connected

As well as regular Town Hall meetings to communicate company news we have social ‘donut’ chats and social events (quizzes, escape rooms etc.) to keep the team connected.

Perks and rewards

We aren’t afraid to show our team we care with birthday and Christmas gifts and performance based rewards (think curry and cocktails delivered to your door!).