Want the ability to create notes on drawings? Countfire has you covered!

Inside Countfire
Want the ability to create notes on drawings? Countfire has you covered!

Discover a new way to streamline your estimates even more with Countfire’s latest feature - the ability to add notes directly onto your drawings, ready to use with just a few clicks! 

The Countfire team has been working tirelessly this quarter to make this highly requested feature a reality, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you.

Within the introduction of the new “Note” tab, you can now easily create, edit and add multiple notes to your drawings all within the app. 

We also added the ability to add multiple arrows and clouds to each note, which gives you even more freedom to customise your drawings. Simply click “Create” or use the handy shortcut “C” to get started.

Any notes you add within the app will automatically appear on the output drawings as default, which is where you can see a visual representation of all the work you’ve done on Countfire. 

But that’s not all - they will also appear in a separate “Notes” tab in the downloadable excel spreadsheet along with all your final counts. This will make sharing annotations or comments with clients much easier and helps ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Our team is always working hard to improve our product, so check back later for more updates and announcements.

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