Mechanical estimating and takeoff software

Complete all of your mechanical estimates, in one place

Countfire provides you with the tools to complete estimates faster, and with higher accuracy. For mechanical estimators who want greater project understanding. 

Intelligent estimating

Measure drawings effectively

With takeoff tools such as Linear Measurements, you can easily count, measure and draw symbols and lengths across all drawings within your project. With added accuracy checks.

Linear measurements using Countfire
Project management

Mechanical estimating in one tool

From automated takeoff, to a client-ready Excel estimate where you can split out or exclude areas in your pricing breakdown.

Cloud-based estimating

Go fully digital and collaborate with your team

Cloud-based access means you can easily collaborate with your team in multiplayer estimate mode. With digital records of every estimate.

Revise drawings

Copy items, and adapt drawings for the mechanical estimate

Copying items allows you to reuse work from previous estimates and deal with revised drawings. Add new items, and show what’s been added in your report.

Mechanical estimators who love Countfire

The future of estimating

Why Countfire for mechanical estimators? 

Increased accuracy

Countfire has been built with accuracy at its core, so that you can win more work and remove manual errors.

Built by estimators

As former-electrical estimators ourselves, we know firsthand what it takes to win accurate estimates in today’s world.

World-class support

Our product specialists are there to support via live chat, phone or email so that you always get your estimates in on time.

Fully cloud-based

From day one Countfire has been a fully cloud-based tool. Access estimates from wherever you work.

Collaborate easily

Work together on estimates in multiplayer mode to increase team visibility and meet client deadlines.

Continually improved

Working in two-week cycles, we release and share hundreds of platform enhancements each year.

Loved by customers

Recommended by estimators worldwide

Countfire is the biggest time-saving system we’ve ever implemented into our business.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Managing Director

Game Changer. Saves more time than I care to count.

Ryan Beck
Ryan Beck
Senior Electrical Estimator

Countfire is now a fundamental part of our estimating experience.

Matt Goodacre
Matt Goodacre
Senior Electrical Estimator

Countfire really helps - we know it’s going to be accurate. The built-in checks are excellent and picked up everything.

David Leslie
David Leslie
Senior Applications Engineer

With Countfire you would quickly save the initial investment you have to make because of the time you save.

Chad Baumgartner
Chad Baumgartner
Lighting Quotation Associate

If my company were to pull the plug on Countfire, I’d pay for it myself – that’s how valuable it is to me.

Ronan Carroll
Ronan Carroll
Electrical Estimator

If you want something that is agile, accurate and is economical then you have to go with Countfire.

Eric Bronson
Eric Bronson
Technical Solutions Support

Countfire is extremely easy to use. It’s quick, no wasted paper, and you’ve got records of what you’ve done.

Mike Tydd
Mike Tydd
Senior Estimator