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Will & Aidan Founders of Countfire
Meet our founders

A new world of estimating software

For a long while now, the estimating industry has been stuck in the past, with many solutions following the same broad and inflexible model. We’re here to change that.

Countfire was founded by childhood friends and serial entrepreneurs Will Jennings and Aidan Kane. Bringing together Will’s expertise as an electrical estimator, and Aidan’s background in software development, to use software to bring estimating into today’s fast-paced, and digital world, and create a new world of estimating.

Countfire timeline

Through the years

The beginning

Aidan and Will go into business together with their first joint-venture. A record label! Unfortunately thanks to Spotify, this was soon dropped and Will and Aidan return to various side projects, freelance electrical estimating and software development respectively.

A new way of counting takeoffs

Will & Aidan realise the benefit technology could bring to the traditional estimating process. A consultative approach to completing client’s takeoffs using this technology is founded.

The beginning

Taking what they’ve learned from consulting on client projects, Will & Aidan build the software that allows electrical estimators to automate how they count takeoffs.

The beginning

A new part of Countfire is launched, allowing electrical estimators to do end-to-end estimating using artificial intelligence, flexible revisions and automation. Meanwhile the (now fully remote) Countfire reaches 20 people, with a big vision for the future of estimating.

Meet the team

The people behind Countfire

Will Jennings Managing Director Countfire

Will Jennings

Managing Director

Before Countfire, Will spent 17 years working in the same industry our customers are in today. This experience helps him to ensure Countfire solves the painpoints electrical estimators have faced for far too long.

Aidan Kane Technical Director Countfire

Aidan Kane

Technical Director

With a background in computer science and over 20 years in the industry, Aidan is well-renowned as a programmer and technical leader. Today, he helps Countfire's product and dev teams to iterate a product worth working on.

Rachel Countfire

Rachel Wilde

Operations Manager

With 15 years experience running projects and teams at digital agencies, Rachel keeps the Countfire ship sailing! Working closely across design, development, marketing & operations she ensures everything runs smoothly.

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