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The Energy Company Obligation (ECO): Where are we now?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is currently on its third iteration. Here’s what electrical contractors should know:

Case study: How to speed up the estimating process (without losing accuracy)

When your whole business is about producing quality electrical estimates for clients, you need an efficient process for counting takeoffs! We interview Tom Levitt of Southdowns Estimating Consultants.

Why takeoff software is now essential

Takeoff software has become an essential tool for electrical estimators. Here’s why:

What to expect as a new electrical estimator

What can you expect when you step into a new electrical estimator role? We’ve rounded up some thoughts on the job role and requirements:

6 Notable electrical industry trends

What are the notable electrical industry trends this year? We take a look at 6 that are impacting business:

The value of smart lighting for businesses

Smart lighting choices can make a big difference for businesses. Here’s what contractors can talk to their clients about:

What features should the best takeoff software have?

Are you looking for the best takeoff software solution? Here are the features that should be included:

Best practices when using Countfire takeoff software

Do you know how to use takeoff software to maximise your investment? We’ve got a few best practices for getting the most from Countfire:

Case study: The advantages of true, automated takeoffs with Anixter

What are the advantages of true, automated takeoffs? We chat with Eric Bronson of Anixter about their experiences:

Takeoff software for Mac (and other great Mac apps for work)

Looking for takeoff software for Mac or other great Mac-based software for work? We’re looking at a few key tips:

True automated takeoff software

Electrical estimator? Start counting automatically today