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How to estimate AV accurately

The modern estimator’s guide to thinking about AV requirements.

Guide to the different types of construction contracts

From fixed price to cost-only contracts, use this guide to work out which construction contracts you should be bidding on.

How to estimate structured cabling more efficiently

Creating cabling and data estimates is notoriously difficult but here’s how modern estimators are speeding up the process.

How to produce accurate lighting estimates

Want to produce fast and accurate lighting estimates? Here are our top tips.

Guide to cloud-based software for the construction industry

We’re here with an up to date guide on the latest cloud-based software being used in the construction industry.

Sustainability in the construction industry

Sustainability is a hot topic in the construction industry. Here’s how it’s shaping up for the UK:

A guide to using Excel for your estimation project

Many estimations start with an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s our guide on how to keep things simple and effective.

Guide to cloud-based tools for electrical estimating teams

With much of the workforce working remotely, it’s important to know which cloud-based tools are worth investing in.

How to use takeoff software in the construction industry

The construction industry is using cloud-based software to make the process of tender bids faster and more accurate. Here’s a guide to takeoffs.

Can you use takeoff software on your iPad?

We often get asked if Countfire (and other takeoff software) can be used on an iPad. Here’s why we don’t recommend it and some alternatives to try.

True automated takeoff software

Electrical estimator? Start counting automatically today