Construction industry

How to improve your construction estimates

How can you improve construction estimates? Here are three key areas to look at:

5 game-changing innovations in construction this decade

The past decade has seen a range of innovations in construction technology. Here, we’re highlighting five that continue to make an impact:

UK construction stimulus explained

The UK government recently announced construction stimulus that will impact all areas of construction, including electrical estimating. Here’s what we know:

Staying up-to-date on the impacts of coronavirus

What are the impacts of coronavirus on the UK construction industry? Here we’ve got an update on what is happening and plans to help safeguard the industry:

BIM update: Where are we now?

We looked at how BIM was progressing a couple of years ago to provide an update for today. Here’s what’s happening:

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO): Where are we now?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is currently on its third iteration. Here’s what electrical contractors should know:

The value of smart lighting for businesses

Smart lighting choices can make a big difference for businesses. Here’s what contractors can talk to their clients about:

7 Tips for generating more referrals for your electrical estimating business

Referral business often forms a large part of the work for small businesses. Here’s how you can get more electrical estimating referrals:

Is electrical prefabrication worth it?

Electrical prefabrication is growing in popularity. How does it stack up in terms of benefits for electrical contractors?

Case study: How Value Lighting reduced count time by 50%

How can Countfire’s estimating software help boost revenue? Value Lighting gives some insights into their experience:

True automated takeoff software

Electrical estimator? Start counting automatically today