Electrical estimating

How to innovate your business in a COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 pandemic has required electrical businesses to make many changes to how they operate. How can you innovate moving forward?

5 habits of highly effective electrical estimators

What do the most effective electrical estimators do? We’re taking a look at those key habits:

What’s next for your career in electrical estimating?

What’s next in the career of an electrical estimator? We’re exploring a few different options here:

Electrical estimating: Which method is best for you?

How do you prepare an electrical estimate? We’re looking at five common estimating methods here:

What is cloud-based software and why is it so important for remote working?

Remote working is very relevant right now in the face of coronavirus. Here’s how cloud-based software is enabling work to continue from home:

Why takeoff software is now essential

Takeoff software has become an essential tool for electrical estimators. Here’s why:

What to expect as a new electrical estimator

What can you expect when you step into a new electrical estimator role? We’ve rounded up some thoughts on the job role and requirements:

6 Notable electrical industry trends

What are the notable electrical industry trends this year? We take a look at 6 that are impacting business:

What features should the best takeoff software have?

Are you looking for the best takeoff software solution? Here are the features that should be included:

Best practices when using Countfire takeoff software

Do you know how to use takeoff software to maximise your investment? We’ve got a few best practices for getting the most from Countfire:

True automated takeoff software

Electrical estimator? Start counting automatically today