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Guide to cloud-based tools for electrical estimating teams

With much of the workforce working remotely, it’s important to know which cloud-based tools are worth investing in.

How to use takeoff software in the construction industry

The construction industry is using cloud-based software to make the process of tender bids faster and more accurate. Here’s a guide to takeoffs.

Can you use takeoff software on your iPad?

We often get asked if Countfire (and other takeoff software) can be used on an iPad. Here’s why we don’t recommend it and some alternatives to try.

How to improve your construction estimates

How can you improve construction estimates? Here are three key areas to look at:

5 game-changing innovations in construction this decade

The past decade has seen a range of innovations in construction technology. Here, we’re highlighting five that continue to make an impact:

UK construction stimulus explained

The UK government recently announced construction stimulus that will impact all areas of construction, including electrical estimating. Here’s what we know:

How to innovate your business in a COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 pandemic has required electrical businesses to make many changes to how they operate. How can you innovate moving forward?

5 habits of highly effective electrical estimators

What do the most effective electrical estimators do? We’re taking a look at those key habits:

Our best tips for remote productivity

Are you working from home now? Remote productivity has been in the spotlight lately with more workers at home. Here are some of our tips:

Lucid Electric continues their efficiency during COVID-19 with Countfire

Many electrical estimators were pushed into remote working due to COVID-19.

True automated takeoff software

Electrical estimator? Start counting automatically today