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How we structure our company wiki: best practices

Need a home for processes and a way to organise them? Here’s how we do this using a company wiki at Countfire.

Guide to marketing for electrical estimating companies

A modern day guide to marketing for electrical estimating companies.

Sustainability in the construction industry

Sustainability is a hot topic in the construction industry. Here’s how it’s shaping up for the UK:

5 game-changing innovations in construction this decade

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UK construction stimulus explained

The UK government recently announced construction stimulus that will impact all areas of construction, including electrical estimating. Here’s what we know:

5 habits of highly effective electrical estimators

What do the most effective electrical estimators do? We’re taking a look at those key habits:

Why takeoff software is now essential

Takeoff software has become an essential tool for electrical estimators. Here’s why:

6 Notable electrical industry trends

What are the notable electrical industry trends this year? We take a look at 6 that are impacting business:

The value of smart lighting for businesses

Smart lighting choices can make a big difference for businesses. Here’s what contractors can talk to their clients about:

What features should the best takeoff software have?

Are you looking for the best takeoff software solution? Here are the features that should be included:

True automated takeoff software

Electrical estimator? Start counting automatically today